group exhibition

2008/9 "Secret Art 3" group exhibition Leumi Bank Tel Aviv, Israel
2008 "Old Jaffa Artist" group exhibition Jaffa museum Jaffa, Israel
2008 "Wandering Library 2" group exhibition Cargo 21 Paris, France
2007 "A matter in hand of an artist" group exhibition Givataim theater Givataim, Israel
2003 "Haaretz Festival" Art Festival Tel Aviv, Israel
2001 "Relationship" group exhibition Art's Workshop Yavne, Israel

solo exhibitions

2004 "The Human Symphony" solo exhibition Horace Richter Gallery Jaffa, Israel
2004 "Cummunication" solo exhibition "Cordelia" Jaffa, Israel
2002 "Painting from SomeHere" solo exhibition Horace Richter Gallery Jaffa, Israel

The Human Symphony

"The Human Symphony" is made of 3 series of oil paintings:
"Vision of Dry Bones", "Hearts Club" ו- "The Screaming Muse".

Those 3 series are parallel and complement each other. They all deal with representing human lines and each series focuses on a different part of social-human texture.

Painting from Some-Here

Solo exhibition by painter Erez Avny, featuring a limited selection of oil paintings from 1999-2001.

The first is a collection of paintings from different periods of time and places.
The second part includes a series of paintings called "Silence of the Muses - Portraits of Painting".


pictures from exhibitions

The human symphony painting from somehere

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